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OUR STORY: Jobs and Services Australia was the brain-child of a UWA commerce graduate, a marketing entrepreneur who started the business in 2013 to help his friends promote their businesses, trades and services.

FREE: It was and still is free to create and post a listing.

THE FUTURE: At the start of 2018, the business was sold to a PR specialist to take the business to a new level.

THE VISION: The vision for Jobs and Services Australia is to pay homage to the original goal of providing free listings for all businesses, services, and trades but also adding a brand new section for employment and job opportunities. This gives individuals the opportunity to promote themselves too!

Services offered are linked up with the relevant Services wanted and vice versa!

Jobs offered are linked up with relevant Jobs wanted and vice versa!

This is where the Get Work Network motto kicks in! For FREE!

PROMOTIONS: Everyone has the opportunity to BOOST their free listing’s VISUAL PRESENCE by having a Featured Listing with a very low cost payment option.

Essentially, www.jobsandservices.com.au will soon have additional features to service the growing demand to be seen in the market place. Visit https://www.facebook.com/jobsandservices/ and like our page or consider getting us to promote your listing on the page. Check out how many “Like” the page so far!

THANK YOU! Thank you for supporting Jobs & Services - Australia. Any comments or suggestions will be gratefully and received and considered in order to improve the site and your experience of the site. Just write us a message on the Contact Us page. Thanks!

Best Wishes for a successful year - whatever you do,

The Jobs & Services - Get Work Network Team

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