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Posted: 10/01/14


Min hourly:$40
Experience:1-5 years
Suburbs Serviced: Kensington


Are you looking for help finding inspiration and design expertise for your next extension of construction project? Perhaps you would like an insight or help with detailed council approvals and construction paperwork? Then look no further.

I am an experienced graduate architect with a number of year practice in the commercial & residential architecture industry. Id be more than happy to guide you through your next construction project without the traditional high cost of employing an architect or planner.

An architect’s role is providing inspiration for quality-designed spaces then translating them to construction documents. Don’t leave your new family homes design up to a builder.

I can provide the following services.

Architectural Design
Architectural Planning
Site Surveying
Design Documentation
Construction Planning & Drafting
Construction & Council Legal Advice.

Furthermore I can provide detailed drafting and construction drawing services from small extensions to detailed construction works without the long delays found utilizing standard services.

I look forward to your emails and am happy to answer any questions.


Master of Architecture Bachelor of Architectural Science


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