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Posted: 6/09/18

TipTop Mattress Cleaning Brisbane

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You probably spend a third of your life sleeping on your mattress. Would it come as a surprise to you to note that most mattresses are dirty and cover with all kinds of contamination such as flakes of decaying skin, dust mites, fungi, viruses, dust mite excrement… the list goes on.

Every time you upset in your sleep, you could be inhaling these things, leading to sickness and frustration. When you book a mattress cleaning in Brisbane with Tiptop, you're assured a very fresh and germ-free result. Our mattress cleaning service clears 99% of viruses, spores and germs, plus removing dust mites and their excrement.

We will then treat your mattress to help prevent further build of up debris over time. Of course nothing can stop dust mites from attack your mattress lastingly, so that’s why we suggest cleaning your mattress on a regular basis. For More Info call us @1800256995.


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