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Posted: 6/08/18

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If you have already tried a number of grout cleaning agents and still have black stains on your grout, the most likely culprit is mold. Mildew can be a huge problem in areas prone to moisture, such as tubs and showers, but there is also a home remedy for this that is relatively cheap, and that is alcohol. In fact, if you read the labels of a lot of major bathroom cleaner brands, you will find that the main ingredient is almost always alcohol. This can save you more time in the long run, and keep your grout clean. After you have scrubbed your grout clean, the final step of cleaning is to use a damp sponge or cloth to wipe away excess dirt and grime, as well as wash away any chemical residues that your cleaning products have left behind. Using running hot water to wet the cloth or clean as you go prevents you from further contaminating the areas that you have not yet cleaned, and works better than using water from a bucket. Thoroughly mop the entire floor following grout cleaning will not only guarantee that the entire area is clean, but also free from any lingering chemical residue.
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