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    • Super Uncle

      Location: Ocean Reef, WA | Posted: 13/08/17

      Where children come first Are you looking for someone to drop off and pick the kids up from school? Do you need someone to watch the kids Monday to...

      • Min hourly: $20

      Advertiser: Super Uncle

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    • Babysitting

      Location: Baldivis, WA | Posted: 18/08/16

      Our sitters service from Cockburn to Mandurah. They charge $15 per hour plus there is an agency booking free. All sitters have wwc, police clearance a...

      • Min hourly: $15

      Advertiser: Kim Wren

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    • Babysitting / Nanny

      Location: Leeming, WA | Posted: 7/08/14

      Babysitting - ​casual and permanent booking, involve supervising children of any age who are in need of supervision for a minimum of 3 hours or more...

      • Min hourly: $30

      Advertiser: SJC CareGiver

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    • Quality Inhome Child Care

      Location: Perth, WA | Posted: 19/07/14

      We are a Perth Based nanny agency with a difference. Not only do we screen, and recommend nannies to families; we also provide them with insurance cov...

      • Min hourly: $25
      • Min budget: $75

      Advertiser: Amy Evans

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    • Female part-time Baby sitter.

      Location: Safety Bay, WA | Posted: 17/02/14

      18 years of age, Studied a course in Child, Family and the Community. I Love to interact with kids and get to know them on a personal level so they ...

      • Max hourly: $13
      • Start by: 1/06/14

      Advertiser: Miranda Naprelac

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    • Nannying, Childcare and Education.

      Location: Wilson, WA | Posted: 16/01/14

      3 Years experience working at various childcare institutions. 6 months working abroad as private nanny. Working with children check up to date and on ...

      • Min hourly: $30
      • Min budget: $90

      Advertiser: Tessah Blakiston

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