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    • THINK Pizza

      Location: Port Kennedy, WA | Posted: 4/06/19

      Tracy and Bruce Kelsey, owners of THINK Pizza, would begin their journey in their backyard in Perth. It would all begin the moment they first used and...

      Advertiser: THINK Pizza

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    • Impressions Catering

      Location: Port Kennedy, WA | Posted: 21/12/17

      The mission of Impression Catering is to offer exquisite cuisine served with professionalism and the highest level of customer service. This is a miss...

      Advertiser: Impressions Catering

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    • Peko Peko

      Location: Doubleview, WA | Posted: 11/12/17

      Hungry? Come escape to Peko Peko, a collection of three Asian-inspired delicious restaurants located in Attadale, Doubleview and Dunsborough. No matte...

      Advertiser: Peko Peko

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    • Beth's Cupcakes

      Location: Applecross, WA | Posted: 5/11/14

      Beth's cupcakes provides service for custom made Cupcakes, Cakes and Cookies for all occasions. Enquire 24-7 on: 0401786746.

      Advertiser: Bethany Hill

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    • Pizzas with a difference!

      Location: High Wycombe, WA | Posted: 12/08/14

      We do private functions, corporate functions, festivals, markets, community events, school events, Country Shows and more for between 20-100 people.

      • Min hourly: $19
      • Min budget: $380

      Advertiser: Sean Bryce

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    • Catering Manager/Chef

      Location: Beldon, WA | Posted: 22/05/14

      I am a qualified catering manager/chef seeking work in Perth NOR available Mon - Fri. I am highly skilled in the preparation and service of a full ran...

      • Min hourly: $25

      Advertiser: Joy Sweeney

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    • Custom Cakes and Desserts

      Location: Samson, WA | Posted: 25/04/14

      Allergy friendly desserts and morning tea foods. Including gluten free. Sweet and Savory baked goods including tarts, cakes, cup cakes and slices. ...

      • Min budget: $20

      Advertiser: Jessica Davey

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