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    • Architectural Rendering

      Location: Toronto, NSW | Posted: 6/02/18

      I am an architectural Masters student in Toronto offering interior and exterior architectural rendering services including basic 3d modeling. Price ra...

      • Min hourly: $30
      • Min budget: $100

      Advertiser: Douglas Peterson-Hui

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    • CADDS Group

      Location: Bibra Lake, WA | Posted: 21/08/17

      CADDs is a Perth based drafting, surveying, engineering, architectural and product design company. They specialise in providing innovative, industry l...

      Advertiser: CADDS Group

    • Services Offered

    • Design Architect

      Location: Subiaco, WA | Posted: 27/10/14

      I am an architect specializing in renovation and addtions to existing properties, but also love designing new buildings to suit your needs. I have ...

      • Min hourly: $150
      • Min budget: $12,000

      Advertiser: Rodney Thompson

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    • Architecture, Design & Drafting Services

      Location: Kensington, WA | Posted: 10/01/14

      Are you looking for help finding inspiration and design expertise for your next extension of construction project? Perhaps you would like an insight o...

      • Min hourly: $40

      Advertiser: Daniel Rainone

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