Posting policy

All ads posted on Jobs and Services ( must adhere to these posting policies. Any ads that do not adhere to these polices will either be deleted or suspended.

All users and posters of Jobs and Services must:

  1. Not post anything that is inappropriate - including illicit and explicit content such as language, images, links, uploads and more.
  2. Not be duplicated. If an ad that has already been posted and is an exact copy of an already live ad it will be deleted. If you are found to continually do this your account may be suspended.
  3. Not breach Australian laws and regulations. Users will have full responsibility for laws and regulations that are broken.
  4. Not be posted in the wrong category.
  5. Not be in any other language other than English
  6. Not advertise jobs and or services that are outside Australia.
  7. Contain any external links what so ever with the exception of the website address related to their service which is only to be outlined in the website field.
  8. Have an adequate amount of information for the user about the ad.
  9. Use appropriate images for the classified ads
    1. must not infringe any copyrights to post the images within the ads
  10. Not use language that is deemed as: offensive, libellous, inaccurate and misleading.
  11. Not Discriminate based on gender, religion, nationality, race, colour etc.
  12. Offer any services to sell prescription drugs and/or supplements. Furthermore, any medicine related ads will also be suspended or removed.
  13. Offering any services which relates to, but not limited to, surrogacy, body parts or adoption.

Responsibility of ads

The responsibility of the ads remains at all-time with the poster of the advertisement. By using our services and tools you agree that you will be held liable for any damages, losses or harm caused by your advertisements.

Power to remove ads

Jobs and Services reserves the right to, and is able to, exercise the right at any time they wish to remove any ads that may cause harm to users of the site. The same is applicable to the removal of users accounts.

This document was last updated on 3 December, 2013

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